Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bento Book

This is a laptop that combines all of our favorite gadgets together to create one unit.

I like to think of the Bento Book as MegaZord from the Power Rangers. They all come together to function as one awesome thing.

Anyways heres some pictures of the Bento Book. 

You can use the tablet as a keyboard and the phone as a trackpad.

Sadly, this is just a concept. Maybe we can hope for this to be in the future.  The Bento Book was designed by RenĂ© Lee. Maybe a certain company can take a look at this and get a nice idea how to integrate their products. The Bento Book can become a recharging station, secondary display wireless keyboard and more. This is not suppose to replace the PC, but make it a whole lot better.

Via YankoDesigns

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