Friday, November 26, 2010

Shield your No No bits from the TSA

Fig leaf undies

Don't go postponing that vacation or flight to see the fam all because your afraid to step through the full body scanners and let the agents check out your junk. Now theres a new product to prevent those TSA agents from staring at your down under. 

These undies are said to protect consumers from radiation generated by the security machines. According to Rocky Flats Gear its made from "8 layers of patent pending, blends of materials".

Uhh what are these "patent pending materials." Also why do the underwear have to look gross. Its a sweet idea Rocky Flats Gear but security at the airport might not be so flattered when they take a look at the giant leafs through the X- ray machine. I think these undergarments are more likely to lead to a fondle if you ask me.

And for those of you with "extra baggage" they also make bras.

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