Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A much more efficient pizza box

The Green Box is what this redesigned pizza box is being called. You can break it down into 4 plates and a teeny box for your leftovers. Finally!

Something like this needs to be offered at all pizza serving restaurants. Im tired of having 2 slices left and trying to shove the entire box into the refrigerator.

For a Video.....

Monday, November 29, 2010

iphone tip: Make your own app icon for your favorite website

Have a favorite website that you love looking at on your iphone? Dont bookmark it. Make your own app icon on your home screen so you never have to type the website in again!


Possibly coolest non iphone ever

This is just another concept but it has so many capabilities. Its called the seabird.
Built in bluetooth ear piece that pops out. Then it doubles as a mouse to control the phone.
A keyboard projection that is a touchpad on a flat surface.
When plugged into a dock it turns into a projector.

Video and more......

S&N Accessories: Nikon camera lens coffee cup

Look like a real photographer with this sweet coffee cup! This coffee cup that does not double as a lens for your camera either! You can sure draw some attention to yourself drinking out of this.

Bike lock that climbs poles

Tired of your bike being stolen or worried someone will steal your bike. Well a German company has created a bike lock that attaches to a pole and by remote, lifts itself up the pole.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Whats hot? This Touch screen stove is

The sad part is this is only a concept but they need to make this. The William stove top is a touch screen stove that can cook up to 15 different shaped pots and pans!

This is a sweet stove. For more of the awesome features on this......

Keep rental movies without a fee

Ever wanted to have that movie that your friend let you borrow or in a way "keep" the Rental movie because its so easy to never return those things on time? Well this little program called handbrake can let you do just that. I made this sort to show how easy it is to rip a dvd and save it on your computers hard drive. I did this on a Mac and im not sure if it will be the same steps for Windows or Linux. But i say give it a try if you are able to download both programs.

Keep on reading for the step by steps.

Shelf to hold your Bike....Bike Shelf

This guy in San francisco has created this ingenious bike rack that doubles into a shelf. Perfect for bikers who live in tiny tiny apartments out in SF. This Shelf can maximize your space in seconds.

He's a SF local and builds a lot of other things, i think just in his garage.
Check out more pictures of this project and his other designs....Knife & Saw

Control your TV with a wand

No longer do you have to be a muggle. Control your TV with this magic wand. Impress everyone with your witch or wizarding skills. 

For more of the functions and what it can do....

Friday, November 26, 2010

S&N Accessories: Manila envelope ipad case

Can you believe this is an ipad case! 
And it's not made out of paper its made out of leather.
ipad not included apparently 

Sad about Limewire being seized?

No worries get Frostwire!

To me its essentially the same thing as Limewire or what Limewire once was.
Frost wire has

Shield your No No bits from the TSA

Fig leaf undies

Don't go postponing that vacation or flight to see the fam all because your afraid to step through the full body scanners and let the agents check out your junk. Now theres a new product to prevent those TSA agents from staring at your down under. 

Feeling a bit...Nerdy? Make a BristleBot

Ever wanted to make your own little bot?
It seems simple enough.
Well heres your chance....Fast forward to 2:16 to see the little guy in action!

Finding a pager motor these day?...a bit difficult.
Impress your friends with your engineering skills.....OHHH yeah!
Who knows,but after this you could be building life size robots...your on your way to greatness!

Sweet Movie: Cowboys and Aliens

MacWorld 2011 Black Friday deal!!!

You can get a 1- day pass for $100  or a 3- day pass for $275.
The code for the discount is Friday

The MacWorld Expo is bound to be pretty sweet. It's in San Francisco January 26-29, 2011
According to their website on why you should attend
          Macworld 2011 is a four day celebration that entertains and educates. Macworld offers access to hundreds of Apple related products and services. You will discover cool software, hardware and accessories to use with your favorite Apple devices. You will also find expert advice, demonstrations and instruction by the very people that develop these products. Macworld conference programs feature industry leading minds, presenting cutting edge product training on the topics you most want to learn.
Check out the Expos website for all the sweets Macworld 2011

Apples black friday sale

So this is what we were all waiting for. Im slightly disappointed, considering I still cant afford and an ipad. I was hoping for a $100 bucks off the ipad or a revealing the ipad 2. Not too much of a discount ,but any money off is still Sweet.