Friday, February 25, 2011

Humongous Bat!

I know this isn't a normal sweet & Nerdy find, but I had to share what I found.

These things are huge! They are real. At first I thought this was a bear with wings. These fascinating creatures are called Pemba flying foxes. They can be found on Pemba Island, Tanzania. It's in Africa. Their wing span is around 6 feet! They are on the verge of extinction because apparently their meat is yummy.

Flying foxes aren't meat eaters. So don't worry they wont suck your blood, they will only steal your apples. Also, they aren't blind like regular bats. They can see and smell and don't just have to rely on their hearing. The Pemba flying fox can be small but I wanted to show the huge ones.

Images via Paradoxoff , Arkive

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