Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sweet movie: Hanna

Awesome looking movie coming out. HANNA

Here's the Sweet & Nerdy synopsis:
Ass kicking little girl! Her dad trained her to be bad ass and said some lady is trying to "kill her". The "bad guys" aka CIA capture girl. The girl meets the lady whose trying to kill her, Hanna snaps her neck, ahhh all hell breaks loose. Hanna escapes, the chase is on for the miniature assassin.

This is the synopsis from Focus Features:
Award-winning director Joe Wright creates a boldly original suspense thriller withHANNA, starring Academy Award nominee Saoirse Ronan (The Lovely Bones,Atonement) in the title role.
Raised by her father (Eric Bana of Star Trek), an ex-CIA man, in the wilds of Finland, Hanna’s upbringing and training have been one and the same, all geared to making her the perfect assassin. The turning point in her adolescence is a sharp one; sent into the world by her father on a mission, Hanna journeys stealthily across Europe while eluding agents dispatched after her by a ruthless intelligence operative with secrets of her own (Academy Award winner Cate Blanchett).  As she nears her ultimate target, Hanna faces startling revelations about her existence and unexpected questions about her humanity.

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