Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Necklace that lights up to the beat of your heart

This programmed pendant flashes its lights to the beat of your heart.

The Sensebridge team in San Francisco created this necklace, the Heart Spark. The LED lights flash all around the necklace circuit board.
The circuit board pendant has a wireless signal to a polar chest strap with transmitter, which is like a heart monitor. The transmitter picks up your heart rate and allows the lights to flash to the rhythm of your heart. It also has a fake mode that makes it seem like you have a calm heart rate so you can always look composed.
The necklace has 3 different necklace options or you can just get your own. Sensebridge will soon have the schematics, layout and software so the nerd in you can come out and create this yourself. Or, you can  go and buy this awesome circuit board pendant. Heart Spark.

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