Thursday, August 9, 2012

Zombie Survival Dash

The names explains it all.

This will happen St. Louis, MO on October 27, 2012. Put it in your calendar. This is sure to be the most adrenaline pumping race yet.

It's a 5k race in which you , the survivor, must out run the zombies. You are equipped with a race chip to keep your time and three flags to indicate your health. In addition to be chased by scary infected used-to-be human-people, there are obstacles you must overcome.

So, if your'e not into the whole running thing, there is an after party you can attend. On Groupon right now, you can get the Zombie Survival Dash After-Party Pass or Zombie Race VIP Package for cheap. 

This is your chance to see if you can make it when zombies walk our earth. Check out the Zombie Survival Dash.

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