Sunday, November 13, 2011

Never Play Split Screen Again!

It sucks when your playing a game and your opponent knows exactly where you are simply by looking at your side of the screen. The Sony Playstation display gets rid of  split-screen gaming and allows two independent viewpoints.
This technology is amazing!

The Simulview technology shows each players image simultaneously on the display. By wearing the special glasses synced to the display, gamers can only see their scene. 

To a non-player looking at the screen, it  looks like a 3D scene when you don't have your glasses on. So being the bystander sort of blows, because you don't get to experience anything besides motion sickness. Experience the Simulview here.

There are already lots of 3D games, but only a few compatible with Simulview technology.

The Sony Playstion Display is available for pre-order. Only $498! You even get a game and the glasses you can take with you to the movie theater. No real release date yet.

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