Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Cake Is A Lie!

I dont think it's lying about how delicious it is.

To celebrate the release of Portal 2 back in April, Coffee & Chopsticks decided to bake a cake. Not just any old cake though, Cassie created the cake from the original Portal. It's beautiful! I have to add this to the list of recipes I need to conquer. If you want the recipe for the Portal Cake check out Coffee & Chopsticks.

Are you wondering why this cake is big deal? Well in the game Portal, you have to do a bunch of tasks in a research facility where you are guided by a computer named GlaDOS. GlaDOS repeatedly promises cake. As you move through the game you find a message written on the wall that reads "the cake is a lie.the cake is a lie.the cake is a lie.the cake is a lie". Play the game and see for yourself if the cake is indeed a lie.

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