Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sweet Movie : The Three Musketeers

Yes, this is yet another Three Musketeers movie, but its looks pretty sweet. Keep going to see the trailer.

Lets just cut to the chase...

I love the movies that are based in this times era, and have the really cool looking gadgets. The other great thing is, the girl is the bad guy. Always a plus!

So, who do we have in this lovely cast?

Its has Orlando Bloom (Pirates of the Caribbean) and Milla Jovovich (Resident Evil). Bad Guys!

Logan Leerman (Percy Jackson), Matthew Macfadyen (Pride & Prejudice), Luke Evans (Clash of the titans) and Ray Stevenson( Book of Eli). Good Guys!

So actually there's 4 Musketeers, because someone joins. Now im confused by the title. This comes out October 14, 2011.

Images Via Apple Movies/IMDB/Imageshack

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