Thursday, December 30, 2010

Instant pictures from a cardboard made camera

This is a very interesting concept. Keep reading for all the details!

This is an instant pinhole camera that also doubles as a postcard. 

The way this works is when you buy film, there would be a special code that allows you to go online to create your instant camera.

Online, you would insert your own picture and special message. Then it is sent off to your pen-pal.

   After the camera is sent and received, he or she then sets up the pinhole camera and follows the         directions to complete and develop the picture. 

When the picture is developed, the cardboard camera can be split in half and the senders picture and message is revealed. On the other side is the picture the receiver just took.

The receiver then can take his or her newly made postcard, and send it back. 

Heres the video that explains and shows how the concept works.

This concept is really fun! Yes the internet and our whole electronic craze is great, but this would be the most awesome thing to get in the mail. To be able to create an instant postcard from cardboard, is truly Sweet & Nerdy!

Via HunsonIsGroovy / YankoDesigns

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