Saturday, December 4, 2010

idrop: transfer data between devices in a blink

This concept is called the idropper. This devices works on the basis of an eye dropper of how it sucks in then drops. Simply extracting the data and releasing it in the device of your choice.


With this, it could eliminate the need for all the cords we have to have for each of our gadgets. I suppose something like this could be a significant tool for our every day technological needs in the future. But, the design could use a change. The liquified look and feel doesn't seem like a possibility.
The need for a usb kind of gadget, that can simply do a "point-and-shoot" at devices to take the information needed, would be a greatly wanted.

How it works is you have your idropper, hold it over the information you want to transfer, the information you select illuminates when you press the button on top. The file or picture then shoots into the idropper to be held until you drop it into the next device.

Via Innovative Technologies 

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